Dr Tan balance method is a revolutionary treatment that gets instant results.  The method claims an 85% success rate with many patients experiencing up to 50% reduction in pain within one treatment.  The effects of acupuncture are cumulative and a course of treatment will be required. The difference with the Balance Method is that treatment is performed intensively, at least 2-3 times a week, as opposed to once a week.  The benefit of this is that treatment objectives are achieved far more quickly, within weeks rather than months.

The Balance Method rarely places needles in the dysfunctional area.  For example, a patient suffering with shoulder pain may have needles inserted around the ankle area or in the hips instead of the shoulder joint itself. Within minutes pain relief can be expected and it is less likely that the sick area will be aggravated. Treating the problem area from a distance can be likened to switching on a light bulb.  The switch is on the wall away from the bulb in the ceiling. Once the switch is on it activates the flow of energy to the bulb. In the same way, placing needles into an elbow can activate the energy flow in the knee.  The areas of the body that are needled are chosen using a holographic system, similar to that in reflexology. Each area of the body is mapped in imaging and mirroring systems.

About Dr Tan
Dr Tan was born in Taiwan and is a master in acupuncture, Chinese herbs, martial arts, philosophy and holds a masters degree in Systems Engineering. He has made an enormous contribution to the acupuncture profession through his tireless research of the classical Chinese texts which emphasise that acupuncture should give instant results, just as a shadow appears immediately after a pole is placed in the sun.

The Balance Method is the culmination of an intense study of ancient Chinese literature, modern scientific analysis and through treating hundreds and thousands of patients.  For more than 25 years, Dr Tan has devoted himself to teaching his art all over the world. He now lives in San Diego, USA where he treats more than 120 patients a week.