IVF : Pre and Post Transfer

Acupuncture and IVF

The Collection and Transfer moments of an IVF cycle are one of the most intense times whilst going through IVF. We are here to bring you support, to use acupuncture to help bring a calm frame of mind, and to help bring your body into it’s most receptive capacity for implantation.

Acupuncture is very good for helping to regulate the fluids and helping to calm the uterine fribulations (tiny muscle tremors that result from having a catheter inserted). It helps to generate a calm and gentle suffusion of nourishing blood to the uterus and, most importantly of all, helps women to feel very calm – the most important ingredient for a successful conception.

When you feel nervous, worried, tense or fearful you move into the ‘sympathetic’ aspect of your autonomic nervous system – the adrenal response, ‘flight or fright’. When you are calm your body will be in ‘parasympathetic’ which is our ‘rest and digest’ mode. This is very important to our reproductive function, as we need the lead hormone of oxytocin (parasympathetic) for healthy conception, and adrenaline (sympathetic) will block oxytocin.

One of the most important things in the lead up to and during the collection and transfer time is to do all that we can to be in that parasympathetic state – a tall order when you are chiming with jangling nerves wondering if this is actually going to work.

It is common knowledge how marvelous acupuncture can be for calming the stress response and helping you to ease into the flow of the parasympathetic state. Pregnancy is a receptive process and doing all that we can to be in as receptive a state as possible is a very helpful way to manage these tenterhooks days.