Manual lymphatic drainage is often recommended by cosmetic surgeons to reduce pain, swellings, oedemas and scarring,  which usually occur after surgery or body sculpturing procedures.  Following the procedure there is still an amount of surplus fluid in your body that contained the anaesthetic. There will also be a natural reaction by the body that causes a huge amount of swelling although the quantity of swelling is restricted by the compression garment you will be required to wear afterwards.

It is very important that the swelling dissipates evenly to prevent any unevenness and hardness developing. The lymphatic system is designed to remove surplus fluid in the body naturally.Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) is designed to make the lymphatic system work more efficiently; it will also help the system repair itself if there has been any damage during the VASER procedure.

What are the benefits of MLD after VASER Liposuction?

  • MLD can be used at a very early post-operative stage (after 24hours post surgery)
  • swellings, bruises and oedema are reduced quickly
  • the healing process is accelerated (those who don’t have MLD usually have a longer recovery time)
  • scarring and build-up of nodules are significantly reduced
  • tissue quality is improved and better visible results are achieved
  • local inflammation is inhibited
  • pain is decreased

An intensive course of treatments between 4 (vaser) – 20 (high def vaser) is usually recommended, depending on the area.